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Tibetan Bowls are healing artifacts that have existed for thousands of years, their origin dates back to the mystical lands of Tibet.

Its uses are very varied and diverse, they can be applied in addition to any type of natural therapy, in your yoga classes, meditations, sound therapies, or simply to provide you with a moment of connection when you need it.

The benefits of listening to sound through our auditory channels in connection with the brain, and of feeling its harmonic vibrations through our physical/energetic body, will make you understand that being all vibration, it is enough to change our frequency to access states of well-being and lasting wholeness.

Here we leave only some of the many benefits of the ancient legacy of the Bön Po Shamans, channelers and creators of the Tibetan Healing Bowls.

- They increase the production of T lymphocytes, specialized cells of the immune system that play a central role as mediators of the body's immune response.

- They make biological systems work with more homeostasis (cellular healing), therefore, we heal faster.

- They harmonize our internal fluids and restore their natural vibratory frequency, positively affecting the entire functioning of our internal organs.

- Stimulates the generation of dopamine and endorphins.

- They decrease the frequency of our brain waves, passing from Beta to Alpha and Theta states.

- Allows blood supply, helping varicose veins, headaches, tendinitis, among others.

- They provide a quick sense of presence and connection with the present moment, helping to generate a space of consciousness to observe our inner world.

- They facilitate the initial process of meditation.

- With the power of its vibration, our subtle energies are mobilized that pass through our Chakras (central energy centers) and Nadis (minor energy centers).

- When there is a greater energy flow, our Aura expands accordingly. A healthy Aura prevents diseases, energy blockages, external influence from other beings.

- The bowls reintegrate each organ and function, its original sounds or vibrations, vivifying and strengthening its energy scheme.

- The sounds penetrate the bone pieces and facilitate joint lubrication, granting greater mobility and flexibility, in addition to stimulating calcium.

- Blood: The bloodstream amplifies its oxygenation and dynamizes its transit through the veins and arteries (because the blood fluid is made up of pyramidal particles of quartz crystal, which, when in contact with the sound, begin to pulsate and emit luminous healing radiations)

- They help normalize blood pressure and heart rate.

- Nervous System: They correct existing imbalances in brain microcircuits and neurotransmitters, reconnecting and activating them.

- Oncology: The vital cells stimulated by the bowls transfer Light patterns to the group of disordered cells in order to create states of harmony and health.There are experiences in cancer patients who have healed with the help of bowls

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