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Changes and guarantees

We don't want there to be any reason why you shouldn't feel happy and blissful with your little bowl. Either for yourself, or for a gift. Within 90 days after making the purchase you can exchange your Tibetan Bowl for any equivalent product of the price.

We know that the choice of a bowl is something very personal and sometimes we simply do not connect with its sound, and since for us the most important thing is that you are satisfied, you can bring your bowl back and change it for another or ask for your money back, don't worry, we won't give you any bad face :).

Now, we are sorry to inform you that in the case of Quartz Bowls the return system works differently, especially if you are unlucky enough to have it breaks you in the house (we hope it never happens), get this information here:

If you have more questions about it, you can call us at +56227240425 and ask anything you want!