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Adagio Chime - Spanish Garden

Sale price$74.990

The sound and harmonic vibration of our Wind Chimes will fill every corner of your home with peace, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation and connection with ourselves. Hang them outside so the wind activates their sounds, or use it indoors in a place that suits you best.

Materiality: Treated native lenga wood, 6 polished aluminum tubes and wooden wind catchers.

Measure: 33 inches


This bell is tuned to the opening minor chord of the adagio movement from the Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo, one of the most important Spanish composers of the 20th century. Rodrigo best describes this beautiful guitar concerto as "the fragrance of the magnolias, the song of the birds and the spray of the fountains". The concert transports the listener to another place and time through the suggestion of these natural sounds. Hang this chime in your garden and let its soothing sound transport you to a state of total relaxation!


Adagio Chime - Spanish Garden
Adagio Chime - Spanish Garden Sale price$74.990