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Wonder Crystal Suncatcher - Peacock

Sale price$38.490

Our Authentic Austrian Crystal Suncatchers will catch the rays of light to turn them into a beautiful multicolored rainbow, which will be reflected in your sacred spaces, harmonizing them and filling them with magic.

Materiality: Genuine Austrian crystals, gold plated brass chain and gold stainless steel multicolored translucent resin trim.

Suncatcher Measurements: 12.7 cm.

Total measurement with Chain: 20.32 cm.


Featuring a stained glass effect with gold metal outlines filled with a translucent resin that allows light to shine through, our Crystal Wonders look the same from both sides. When hung in a window with light streaming in, these colorful ornaments are stunning.

Peacocks symbolize different things in various cultures. A common theme to all is that the "eyes" in the bird's tail feathers represent vigilance, protection, vision, and pride or self-esteem. Peacocks are also said to be able to predict rain, as they dance when they sense a storm is coming. Our glass wonders - Peacock can also predict the weather - when the sun shines through his "stained glass" panels, it's sure to be a beautiful day!

They are handcrafted in the UK and distributed by WoodStock Chimes ®️.


Wonder Crystal Suncatcher - Peacock
Wonder Crystal Suncatcher - Peacock Sale price$38.490