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Large Burmese Bell

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Burma Bell, Kyeezee or Burma Revolving Gong, is a type of bell found in ancient temples in Burma. Given its unique characteristic shape, this beautiful monotonic instrument achieves multiple sonorities. The deep note of these bells promotes the cleansing of your physical and energetic body.

It is an instrument with sacred connotations, it was used on occasions of high solemnity. Used to decree, in the settlement of serious disputes, in the redemption of captives, before starting a new procession or even in social disputes, the Burma was always there.

Its deep and long-lasting sound will accompany you in your meditations and/or healings, cleansing, prayers, sacred offerings to all beings, to open and close sacred ceremonies.

Notes: Available in FA and FA# notes.

Includes: Rubbing stick, hanging rope and protective scarf.

Materiality: High purity Acoustic Bronze, with a proportion of 75% copper and 25% tin.

Dimensions: [Height: 14 cm] ; [Width: 21cm]

Read: Scratches and minor blemishes may appear on the hood due to its craftsmanship.


Because they are made by skilled craftsmen and with very high quality bronze, these incredible instruments add a beautiful long lasting clear tone to any sound bath or immersion therapy experience. These chimes sound fabulous alone or in multiples. Given its unique characteristic shape, this beautiful monotonic instrument achieves multiple sounds depending on the place and mallet with which it is struck.

The Burmese bell rotates, creating an ethereal tremolo effect with oscillations and is used not only in musical performance but also for meditation. It has a hole for hanging a rope through its center point, keeping the burma balanced as it spins.

The introduction of the Kyeezee in your meditation sessions or music can provide a subtle and distinctive sound that will be perceived by the whole body, from which it also derives, its therapeutic use.


Campana Burma Grande
Large Burmese Bell Sale price$90.990