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Blossom Bells - Tree of Life (45 cm)

Sale price$14.990

The tree of life is a timeless universal symbol of spirituality, wisdom and growth, it reminds us of the essentials of life and connects us with our primary purpose. 🌳

The sound of these bells will bring joy and peace to every corner of your home, creating an atmosphere of harmony and union. When the sun reflects on it, you will see how a beam of light moves in sync with the blowing of the wind. 🎶🌞.

Hang them outside so that the wind activates their sounds or use it indoors in the place that suits you best.

Materiality: Anodized aluminum tubes with metal support and metal wind catcher.

Total measurement from end to end: 45 cm


The truth is that few symbols have such different meanings as the Tree of Life, which generally represents The Cycle of Life. Our life is represented by birth, which is represented by the deep roots. The life we ​​lead is reflected in the trunk that grows towards the sky.

The branches, in their multiple forks, represent the crossroads that we find in our lives and that makes us constantly have to make decisions. People often talk about concepts such as personal and spiritual growth, progress, development or reincarnation.


Blossom Bells - Tree of Life (45 cm)
Blossom Bells - Tree of Life (45 cm) Sale price$14.990