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Gemstone Bells - Tiger Eye 12"

Sale price$14.990
Enjoy its sweet sound that enchants anyone, especially the little ones in the house. They are designed to sound when the wind blows or to listen to them before going to sleep or when waking up.
The Tiger's Eye stone protects us and drives away bad energies. 🐯

Hang them outside so that the wind activates their sounds or use it indoors in the place that suits you best.

Materiality: Native tree wood for supports and wind catcher, plus anodized aluminum tubes.

Overall measurement: 12 inches


Woodstock Gemstone Chimes are a series of small chimes designed with colorful and meaningful accents.

Combining our popular brass chimes with graceful touches from nature, this little wind chime is a true beauty. East Asian tradition says that tiger eye protects, especially the home. Give our Gemstone Bell - Tiger Eye to someone you want to protect!

This doorbell is designed to be hung from a loop of string, rather than an O-ring.


Gemstone Bells - Tiger Eye 12"
Gemstone Bells - Tiger Eye 12" Sale price$14.990