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Gemstone Bells - Turquoise 12"

Sale price$14.990

The sound and harmonic vibration of our Wind Chimes will fill every corner of your home with peace, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation and connection with ourselves. Hang them outside so that the wind activates their sounds, or use it indoors in a place that suits you best.

Materiality: Native Tree Wood for supports and wind catcher, plus anodized aluminum tubes of the best quality.

Measure: 12 inches


Our Woodstock Gemstone Chimes: Turquoise incorporates genuine stone accents, making it as eye-catching as it is pleasing to the ear. Also called the "stone of heaven," turquoise is thought by some Native American tribes to have the power to make one attractive to others.

Woodstock Gemstone Chimes are a series of small chimes designed with colorful and meaningful accents.

This doorbell is designed to be hung from a loop of string, rather than an O-ring.


Gemstone Bells - Turquoise 12"
Gemstone Bells - Turquoise 12" Sale price$14.990