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"Wind Horse" Prayer Flag - Medium

Sale price$5.990

Materiality: Cotton
- Flags: 10 flags of 20 x 15 cm
- Total length: 2 meters long
Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal.
They come in a beautiful package, expansive and with a mystery that is revealed to those who seek beyond.


The prayer flags are used to carry the prayers through the wind so that they are scattered and can bless everything around them.

"Wind is the horse's natural element. As it gallops across the plains, the wind rises to meet it. Its long tail and mane flow freely as it speeds through the stillness of the air, creating the wind. The wind and the horse are natural vehicles of movement, the horse carries material forms and the wind ethereal forms. Prayers are carried by the wind, and in Tibet the prayer flag is known as the Wind Horse, Lung Ta."

Each color of the flag symbolizes an element: white symbolizes air ⚪, red is fire 🔥, green is water 🌊, yellow is earth 🌱 and blue is wind 🌬️. The flags are said to emit positive spiritual vibrations and the prayers are carried on the wind as silent prayers.



Bandera de Oración "Caballo de Viento" - Mediana
"Wind Horse" Prayer Flag - Medium Sale price$5.990