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Color Quartz Bowl 10 Inches (Sun - Celeste)

Sale price$165.000

Quartz Bowls are a powerful healing tool that every family should have in their home. Its pure and crystalline sound will lead you to a deep state of mental relaxation, while its powerful vibration will cleanse and harmonize you, both in your energetic body and in your physical body.

You can use your Quartz Bowl to energize and balance your main energy centers known as the 7 Chakras, these are responsible for channeling and distributing the subtle energy that runs through your entire energy body.

If you want to have a healthy body, regulated emotions and a calm mind, start from the inside out.

Light Blue Color: It is associated with inner thought and deep emotions. It is a positive color; it is related to dreams, fidelity, wisdom and truth; It is a color that promotes rest. Also, the sky blue color is a color that transmits tranquility

Note: Sun (Fifth Chakra - Communication)

Includes: Quartz bowl, rubber base to support and rubber stick. They come packaged in plumavit and a shock-resistant box.

Diameter: 10 Inches

Resonance (time it remains vibrating): High

Note: The color could vary slightly, being possible that it is a little lighter than it appears in the photo, that is, less saturated.


The quartz bowls promote, through the principle of resonance, a natural harmonization between their vibration and that of the people who feel and listen to it. These vibrations reverberate up the spine, spreading through the nervous system to our cells, tissues, and organs, causing our very atoms to rearrange themselves into a stronger, healthier crystalline structure.

The sounds of these New Age instruments harmonize cellular memory, balance the cerebral hemispheres, cleanse and strengthen our electromagnetic field (also known as aura), stimulate interneuronal connections, restore the balance of the endocrine system by stimulating the hypophysis or pituitary, and help us reach a deep state of inner silence, fullness and well-being, both physical and emotional.

The crystalline sound of the quartz bowls also allows us to travel through altered and expanded states of consciousness, slowing down brain activity to alpha and even theta waves and favoring the connection with higher and more sublime vibrational planes. The biochemical changes that are generated in response to these sound stimuli favor the release of different hormones such as serotonin or endorphins, as well as other beneficial endogenous substances for our body and mind.

For all these reasons, they are highly beneficial for the treatment of various ailments such as: muscle contractures, joint pain, fractures, osteoarthritis, nervous system imbalances, circulatory problems, insomnia, stress, kidney stones, fatigue, anxiety, physical and emotional blockages, fibromyalgias... and can also be used for energetic cleansing of physical spaces.

At an energetic level, the effect produced is one of harmonization, balance and cleansing. The deepest sounds contain more harmonics and act specifically on the lower chakras, promoting states of deep relaxation and a feeling of rootedness and connection with the earth, while the high ones are more intense and affect the upper chakras, stimulating our body, activating us. , awakening our intuition and connecting us with more subtle energies.


This product has a special dispatch, that is, the delivery times will be as follows:
- Metropolitan Region: dispatches will be made between 2 to 7 business days, always considering Moova as the main means of transport to expedite delivery
- Regions: shipments will be made between 4 to 9 business days.


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Color Quartz Bowl 10 Inches (Sun - Celeste) Sale price$165.000